Local Road Agency Dashboard

This Local Road Agency Dashboard is presented to maintain compliance with Section 18j of Public Act 51, MCL 247.668j.  As part of this compliance, the City of Niles is supplying certification that an employee compensation plan for our transportation employees exists.  We are also supplying required information in this dashboard that outlines the current fiscal year budget, the number of active transportation employees by job classification and wage rate as well as information on revenues, expenditures and unfunded liabilities and other information for our Local Road Agency, which we commonly refer to as the Niles Street Division. 


The governing body for the Local Road Agency (Niles Street Division) is the Niles City Council and Mayor Nick Shelton. The mailing address for these elected officials is 333 N. Second Street, Ste. 301 Niles, MI  49120.

Nick Shelton   (269)-479-6132
City Council Members  
1st Ward 
 Georgia Boggs  (269)-683-3873
 Gretchen Bertschy  (269)-687-4932
2nd Ward  
 Amanda Dunnem  (269)-683-4700 x3103
 Timothy Rogers  (269)-683-4700 x3104
3rd Ward   
 Charlie McAfee  (269)-683-5773
 William Weimer  (269)-683-4446
4th Ward   
 Michael Thompson (269)-683-4700 x3108
 John DiCostanzo  (269)-683-9517

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