City Dashboard


The City of Niles Dashboard is designed to allow better communication to residents about the performance and finances of your municipal government.  The dashboard allows the City of Niles to comply with state mandates as per the Economic Vitality Incentive Program (EVIP), which was signed into law in May 2011.  This law requires that communities provide a dashboard and a citizens guide for residents that includes unfunded liability and other information as a prelude to qualifications for EVIP revenue sharing dollars. 

The information provided here will help you understand how city revenues are spent and what services these monies provide to increase the quality of life for our residents.  The City Administrator certifies this information on the annual Certification of Accountability and Transparency form.  Choose from any of the subjects below to learn more about how your local government spends tax money.  We believe the fastest way to begin understanding how your city government receives and spends your money is to view the Performance Dashboard and Debt Service Summary.

Welcome to MI Community Financial Dashboard

This dashboard is designed to provide you with easy-to-use, visual data regarding the City of Niles, as well as other Michigan communities.  It is provided by the Michigan Department of Treasury using data we submit via our Annual Local Unit Fiscal Report (F65).  For more information about the City of Niles’s fiscal health, please contact Richard A. Huff, City Administrator at