Capital Improvements Plan

A capital improvements plan (CIP) is a multi-year planning instrument used to identify needs and financing sources for public infrastructure improvements. The purpose of CIP is to facilitate the orderly planning of infrastructure improvements to maintain, preserve, and protect the City of Niles’ existing infrastructure system and to provide for the acquisition or scheduled replacement of equipment to ensure the efficient delivery of services to the community. The CIP is also used to ensure that capital improvements are fiscally sound and consistent with the goals and policies of the governing body and the residents of the community.

A comprehensive CIP is an essential tool for the planning and development of the social, physical, and economic well-being of the community. This process is a necessary step in an organized effort to strengthen the quality of public facilities and services, provide a framework for the realization of community goals, and objectives and provide a sound basis on which to build a healthy and vibrant community.

The CIP informs Niles' residents and stakeholders on how the municipality plans to address significant capital needs over the next six years. The CIP may also influence growth as infrastructure impacts development patterns.

The projects identified in the CIP represent the community’s plan to serve residents and anticipate the needs of a dynamic community.  Click the picture below to view the City of Niles' Capital Improvements Plan.