The WWTP is controlled by a crew of professional individuals who operate, monitor, make repairs and adjust the system on a continual basis.  After all, the plant is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and every day of the year.

John Simpson

John Simpson is the Superintendent over the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  John began his career working as a plant operator and then moved into the maintenance department, overseeing and ensuring the continuous and safe operation of the plant and all equipment. He knows every aspect of the operations of the plant.  In an emergency situation, John can handle just about any process on the site.  Needless to say when it comes to the WWTP, he's the expert.  As Superintendent, John works under the general direction of the Assistant Utilities Manager and he manages and directs the daily operation and maintenance of the WWTP to ensure it meets all State and Federal regulatory requirements.  He supervises, plans and coordinates the operation, maintenance and repair of our municipal wastewater plant and related pumps, meters and other facilities.  He plans and coordinates work schedules, prioritizes projects and coordinates activities with other utilities and the City's Public Works Department, which maintains, repairs and cleans the sewer lines.

Scott Powers
Scott Powers is the Chief Plant Operator of the WWTP.  Scott works under the direction of the Utilities Superintendent of the Wastewater Treatment Plant and is responsible for performing technical, design and supervisory work in the operation and maintenance of our Class A municipal WWTP.  He trains and supervises operators to ensure proper operation of the plant and its related equipment.  In his job he must possess a thorough knowledge of the machines, equipment, materials, safety precautions and operating practices of a modern wastewater treatment processing plant and the related facilities and equipment.  He must also be knowledgeable in the chemical and physical processes involved in treating municipal wastewater.  Scott is an expert in the inspection, repair and maintenance of the mechanical equipment, pump, electronic controls and instrumentation circuits including the programmable logic controls.

Vince Muntz
Dave Ahlgrim

 Andrew KidwellOperator Mechanics control all the processes of the plant and are continually monitoring the system to ensure that it is operating correctly.  These individuals make adjustments to the system based upon conditions such as the level of water, chemical content and other factors to ensure the WWTP operates at  its optimum level and according to Michigan Department of Environmental regulations.  Maintenance Mechanics perform routine and primary repairs, inspect the equipment and generally maintain the plant to ensure uninterrupted operation of the system.  Both of these jobs are highly specialized and require extensive knowledge of aerators, screw pumps and other mechanisms.

Dennis Haygood

Keith Yoder