Utilities Department

Looking back to the very beginning of the City’s ownership of the electric and water utilities, the records clearly show that the “City Fathers” wanted to provide the citizens of Niles with the best possible services at the lowest prudent cost for those services. This historic mission has been the guiding principle since that time. Today our task is the same. We conduct our business based on those traditional principles of dependable, safe, and efficient service at not only a reasonable cost, but, also with the additional proviso that what we do must be environmentally acceptable. I am confident that our employees will work diligently to provide quality service while preparing for an uncertain future of competition and regulation such as the industry has not seen during our 100+ year history.

Jeff Dunlap

Our Utility Company

The City of Niles Utilities Department is owned and operated by the City of Niles for the sole purpose of providing quality electric, water, and wastewater treatment services. The Utilities Manager is Jeff Dunlap (pictured above).  This Utilities Department is governed by a 5-member advisory Board appointed by our City Council. The Board Members are Adam Wilson, Mike McCauslin, Andrew Roberts, and Larry Wilson. All rates and charges are recommended by this Board and approved by our City Council. Today these three utilities serve a population of about 13,000 people (7,500 customers) with annual revenues of $20 million.

We are proud of our forefathers and their foresight to initiate such a commitment to their community. We will do everything within our power to continue this commitment. Niles is not only a nice place to live; it is also the best HOMETOWN in America.

Contact Information

Utilities Manager
Jeff Dunlap
269-683-4700 ext. 2071

Customer Service
Start or stop utility service, schedule service appointments, etc.
Report outages, damage, etc. during office hours
269-683-4700 ext. 8004 

Utility Billing
Questions regarding billing dates, amounts, etc. 
269-683-4700 ext. 8003

After Hours Utility Emergencies
For afterhours outages, damage, etc.