Recreational Marihuana Program

The City of Niles City Council has opted into the State's Adult Use Marihuana program. 

The City of Niles is accepting applications for additional grow, processing, transport, event organizers and/or testing establishments that would be compliant with the State of Michigan's and the City of Niles' Adult Use Marihuana Program. However, you may have to comply with the State’s mandate to begin as a State licensed medical marihuana facility.

Designated Consumption Centers, Microbusinesses, Provisioning Centers, and licenses in the Niles Industrial Park are only available when Requests for Proposals are issued by the City’s Community Development Department due to the limited number of licenses available. Please keep an eye on our Bids & Proposals page for open calls for proposals, located here.  

Interested business owners should plan to apply by providing the following items in one (1) hardcopy and PDF, to the City of Niles to the attention of the Community Development Director:
1. The company's submitted State application for a marijuana establishment (please do not provide tax returns and bank statements)
2. The company's Notice of Prequalification Status with the State of Michigan, Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
3. A non-refundable fee of $2500.00

If you have questions, please email no phone calls, please.

Upon acceptance into Phase 2 City of Niles, Marihuana Establishment selection process, we will require:
1. Proof of ownership or authorization to use the property for a marihuana establishment
a. A notarized Statement from the owner of such property authorizing the use of the property for a marihuana establishment, if the applicant is not the owner of the proposed licensed premises;
b. A document reflecting the applicant's rights to purchase or lease, the proposed premises; 

Incomplete applications and fees will be accepted, but not considered eligible until all documents and fees are submitted at which time a final note of completion will be placed on the application. 

All fees are non-refundable and additional fees and documents will be required if approved for the City's Adult Use Marihuana Program.

Rec Opt-In Ordinance
Zoning Recreational Marihuana

Recreational Marihuana School and Library Buffer Zone Map

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Ordinances Pertaining to Marihuana Establishments
Code of Ordinances website available here

Ordinance No. 481 Ordinance No. 482 Ordinance No. 483
Ordinance No. 486 Ordinance No. 488 Ordinance No. 491
Ordinance No. 492 Ordinance No. 507 Ordinance No. 508