Historic Bike Tour Stop 6: Niles History Center 

porte cochere
Historic photo of the Chapin Mansion when it was a private residence. The east side of the home originally featured a  porte-cochère, a covered entrance for those arriving by carriage. 

Comprised of the Historic Chapin Mansion and Fort St. Joseph Museum, the Niles History
Center’s mission is connecting the past, present and future.

Henry and Ruby Chapin
constructed their landmark home between 1882- 1884. The home is late Victorian decorated in the American Aesthetic style, showing global influences and inspiration from the natural world. Intricate woodwork, opulent chandeliers and nine fireplaces are part of the Chapin Mansion's interior.

From 1933 until 2012, the building housed Niles’ City Hall. Today, the Niles History Center offers tours and educational programs at the Mansion while the Fort St. Joseph Museum displays interactive exhibits ranging from the
prehistoric to the modern industrial era.

Dining Room view towards Butler Pantry
Chapin Mansion Dining Room 

FSJ Museum
This building originally served as the carriage and boiler houses for the Chapin Mansion. As part of a WPA project, the buildings combined in the 1930s. Since 1939, the building has housed the Fort St. Joseph Museum.