Historic Bike Tour Stop 16 : Fort St. Joseph Boulder 

Fort St. Joseph marker
Fort St. Joseph Boulder postcard 

The large boulder was dedicated on July 4, 1913 by the Fort St. Joseph Historical Society to mark the location of Fort St. Joseph, a French religious mission, fur trading post, and military garrison built in 1691 along the east banks of the St. Joseph River near this location. Artifacts recovered from the site indicated the Fort’s approximate location. 

Originally located on a farm near Niles, the boulder weighs 70 tons. It was moved to this location on a railroad car and required a bridge to be built over the Brandywine Creek to transport it. 

Boulder dedication
Fort St. Joseph Boulder dedication ceremony on July 4, 1913

Boulder- railroad car

This photo shows the FSJ Boulder loaded on a railroad car for transport to its current site.