Historic Bike Tour Stop 3- Amtrak Station 

Depot w two men
Niles Historic Railroad Depot

Designed to impress travelers en route to the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, the current Niles Railroad Depot opened in 1892 and features grand Romanesque architecture.

Extensive gardens with greenhouses, colorful flower beds, shade trees, walkways and benches, and even a fish pond were added to the grounds surrounding the Depot. Master Gardener John Gipner developed the gardens and started a custom of giving a fresh flower to every lady passenger. Gipner retired in 1927 and his efforts earned Niles the nickname “Garden City.”

Originally built for the Michigan Central Railroad, today the depot is still an active station for Amtrak.

Railroad depot garden postcard - Copy
Postcard of the Niles Railroad Depot Gardens