Fire Hydrant Adoption Program

Have you been looking for an easy way to brighten up your corner of the world?  Well look no further than our FIRE HYDRANT Adoption Program.  Thanks to our friends at Niles Chemical Paint and the City of Niles Utilities, the Fire Department's Building Safety Division has all the supplies you will need to take your old rusty sentential on the corner back to a bright and clean condition.  A few minutes can really make a difference.  Not only does it improve the look in our neighborhood and show that someone cares it also makes our hydrants easier to spot by fire crews when tragedy strikes.  Many residents have already taken advantage of this free program.  We have had clubs, teams, and even schools use the program for required community service hours.  If you're interested in making a difference, feel free to stop in at the fire department at 1345 East Main at the Building Safety Division or call 683-2374 for more details.    

fire hydrant