Regional Reduced Fare Card Program

The Regional Reduced Fare Card (RRFC) program is designed to provide eligible riders in Berrien, Cass, and Van Buren counties with a quick and easy way to receive a reduced fare on public transit services.

Who Can Apply?
Niles DART service area residents with disabilities and/or who are age 60 and over.  Riders in other service areas should apply with the transit agency in that area.  For example, a Cassopolis resident should apply with Cass County Transit.

What are the Benefits?
With the Regional Reduced Fare Card, riders are eligible to use any of the public transportation bus services in Berrien, Cass and Van Buren Counties at a reduced rate.  

Certain conditions apply:

  • The RRFC must be shown to the driver to pay reduced fares on buses.
  • The RRFC is not transferable.  Only the card holder is eligible for reduced fare.
  • Improper use of the RRFC will result in loss of card privileges.

How to Apply

1) Fill out and sign an RRFC application.  The RRFC application is available in the DART office, on each of the DART buses, and online.   Click here for the RRFC application

2) Locate any additional documents needed, as noted on the application (i.e., photo ID, Medicare card, SSI paperwork).

3) Call the office at 269-684-5150, ext. 4 to schedule an appointment to process your application.  Rides to and from the office to complete the RRFC process are available at no cost. 

What Paperwork is Required for a Complete Application?

Riders age 60 and over:
Complete parts A and B of the RRFC application.  Bring this along with a copy of your Photo ID (Passport, Driver's License, or State ID). 

Riders with disabilities: Complete parts A, B, and C of the RRFC application.  If you receive Medicare, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), or Veterans Administration (VA) Disability Compensation, you do not need to complete the physical/caseworker certification.  Bring a copy of your Medicare card, SSI/SSDI award or VA paperwork, along with your completed application and photo ID (Passport, Driver's License, or State ID). 

Applicants who do not receive Medicare, SSI, SSDI, or VA Disability Compensation must have a physician or certified healthcare professional complete the certification portion of the application.  

All applicants must bring a completed application and photo ID in order to receive a reduced fare card.  Approved applicants will receive their RRFC at the time of the appointment.    

Contact the Niles DART office at 269-684-5150 with any questions. 

MDOT Universal Reduced Fare Card Program
Some RRFCs will also have a Universal Reduced Fare sticker (image to the left).  This sticker indicates participation in a pilot project between the Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council, the Michigan Department of Transportation Office of Passenger Transportation, MASSTrans, and the Michigan Public Transportation Association.  Riders with a Universal Reduced Fare sticker can access reduced fares with a wider variety of participating agencies.  Please click here for more information on the pilot project and for a list of participating transit agencies.