Street Division

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The Street Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of 70 miles of streets, 4 miles of alleys, 7 municipal parking lots, 61 miles of sanitary sewers, 35 miles of storm sewers, as well as building and grounds maintenance at several locations.

Responsibilities include:        

  1. Pavement patching and repairs 
  2. Street and traffic sign installation/repairs/replacement 
  3. Pavement marking (crosswalks, stop bars, parking spaces, directional arrows, etc.) 
  4. Sanitary mains and storm sewer cleaning and repairs; 
  5. Mowing City street rights-of-way and City-owned properties 
  6. Minor bridge repairs/maintenance
  7. Street sweeping 
  8. Alley grading and clearing 
  9. Brush chipping, including Christmas trees 
  10. Fall leaf collection 
  11. Winter ice control/Snow plowing 
  12. Grading gravel roads 
  13. Building maintenance 
  14. Fleet maintenance of all city vehicles
  15. Assisting other City departments

Questions or comments regarding Street Division operations should be directed to Joe Ray, Public Works Director, at 269-683-4700, ext. 3060 or by e-mail.

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