Department of Public Works


The Department of Public Works (DPW) provides a vast number of services to Niles citizens.  There are several divisions which operate under the direction of the DPW, including Engineering, Street Division, Silverbrook Cemetery, Jerry Tyler Memorial Airport, Parks and Recreation, Grounds Maintenance, and Plym Park Golf Course. At peak over 50 employees work in the DPW, with responsibilities including municipal construction projects; fall leaf collection; winter snow plowing; street sweeping; sewer maintenance; curb and pavement repairs; summer parks programs; right-of-way permits; and issuing sewer, sidewalk, driveway, tree trimming/removal, and right-of-way permits; and many other duties.  

For a quick summary list of all functions click here. To access specific permits or forms just click here. Should the need arise, there are a number of ways to contact us; you can use the complaint form on this website; you can e-mail us; you can write to us; or you can telephone us.

Joe Ray

Joe Ray (pictured above) Public Works Director - DPWdirector@nilesmi.org269-683-4700, ext.  3060
Zachary Holt Public Works Superintendent - DPWsuperintendent@nilesmi.org269-683-4700, ext.  3050
Jamie Moody - Exec Assistant/Stormwater Coordinator - - 269-683-4700, ext. 3061

The Department of Public Works (DPW) main offices are located in City Hall at 333 N. Second Street, Ste. 301.  This office oversees the operations of the many divisions of the DPW and consists of three City Hall staff support personnel.  The staff provides direction and assistance to the operation of the various departments that operate individually under the DPW.