The Groundskeeping responsibilities include supervising the care of city-owned trees, to include trimming and removal; and the overseeing of contracted grounds maintenance work at city-owned parks and other public properties.

The annual tree removal survey is performed in August and September of each year. The work to remove the trees is then put out for competitive bidding, with a contract normally awarded in late October or early November. Trees are normally removed if they fall under the categories of dead, dying or dangerous. Tree removal work is normally completed in late winter. Stumps are then removed and topsoil and seed are placed, normally in early spring. A tree trimming program runs from early winter until funds are depleted, normally in the spring or early summer. City owned trees are trimmed to a 10’ clearance over sidewalks and 14’ over streets. Private trees which interfere with sidewalks or streets are also trimmed to the same clearances.

The grounds maintenance work includes the care of grounds at Silverbrook Cemetery, all city-owned parks, City Hall, Street Department property, cul-de-sacs, parking lots, etc. Mowing contractors perform this work under contract with the City.

Please feel free to contact the Department of Public Works should you have any questions or concerns regarding groundskeeping operations.

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