The Engineering operation handles public construction projects, including new street construction; street resurfacing and other street maintenance work; sewers; public building construction and repairs; sidewalk construction; parking lots; alleys; airport improvements; golf course projects;  park construction and maintenance; cemetery improvements; etc. The department performs field surveys, construction design and engineering, and other functions required to complete public construction projects. Other functions of the department include purchase of maintenance and construction equipment; issuance of numerous permits (right-of-way use, sewer taps, sidewalk construction, refuse hauling, tree trimming/removal, and drive approaches); traffic pattern studies, developing and updating maps and technical records; and review of site plans and permit requests. Numerous reports and inventories are prepared and maintained by the staff.  

Questions or comments regarding engineering operations should be directed to Joe Ray, Public Works Director at 269-683-4700, ext. 3060 or Zachary Holt, Public Works Superintendent, at 269-683-4700, ext 3050.

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