City Clerk's Office

The office of the City Clerk serves as the general recorder and custodian of various official city records in accordance with the record retention and disposal guidelines.  

The City Clerk administers all oaths of offices required by law or by the ordinances of the City and is the custodian of the City seal, which is affixed to all required documents.  The Clerk also serves as the Notary Public for the City of Niles as well as handles all Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

This office is responsible for voter registration records, of 10,000+ registered voters on the State Qualified Voter File, and supervises all City, Local School Districts, State and Federal Elections.   

The City Clerk's Office oversees licensing and compliance for all legal marihuana businesses in the city.  From completing pre-licensure and annual renewal inspections to working closely with the Cannabis Regulatory Agency, we ensure businesses are fully compliant in order to receive their city and state licenses.

Other duties include conducting all bid openings for the City, issuing licenses or permits as required by City ordinances, and publishing required notices and ordinances.  

City Clerk Tina Bergman has an office in Niles City Hall and can be reached by telephone at 269-683-4700 Ext. 3030 or email her at