City Clerk's Office

The office of the City Clerk serves as the general recorder and custodian of various official city records. This includes minutes of the council, boards and commissions, ordinances, resolutions, city-owned property deeds, contracts, insurance policies and cemetery records.  In addition, this office answers a variety of questions, and offers assistance and general information to the public.

The City Clerk administers all oaths of offices required by law or by the ordinances of the City and is the custodian of the City seal, which is affixed to all required documents.

This office is responsible for all elections, maintenance of related records, and the 9,000+ voter registration roll.  Each of the four wards has two council member representatives that serve staggered four year terms.  

Public Act 523 of December 28, 2012, made comprehensive changes to Michigan Election Law; Section 642a (4) provides that cities wishing to change their regular election date to the even numbered year election may do so, contrary to their Charter, by holding a public hearing and adopting a resolution.  In 2013 the Niles City Council choose to change the date on which it holds its regular election for local offices to the even year election date. 

Other duties include the receipt and verification of petitions, conducting all bid openings for the City, issuing licenses or permits as required by City ordinances, and publishing required notices and ordinances.  

The City Clerk also acts as a clearinghouse, routing event requests to the various departments for their input prior to placing the item on the City Council Agenda.  In 2016 there were over 50 events that were either submitted as a Class I event requesting no city services or that went before the City Council for approval. 

Transient Merchant and Peddlers Licenses seem to increase every year and with the addition of food vendor permits, the clerk insures proper paperwork is in place.  

The City Clerk's Office maintains all documents necessary for the effective administration and operation of municipal government, provides support to the Mayor and Council, and aids in the delivery of effective government services and serves as the Notary Public for the City of Niles.

City Clerk Tina Bergman has an office in Niles City Hall and can be reached by telephone at 269-683-4700 Ext. 3030 or email her at