Assessing Division

The City Assessor's Office is located in Niles City Hall located at 333 N. Second Street on the first floor. The City Assessor's Office is a division within the Finance Department.

The City Assessor's office is responsible for the following:

  • Annually assesses the value of real and personal properties within the City.  Performs on-site inspections, assesses the value of property improvements and the value of property losses, and prepares the necessary supporting documentation and reports.

  • Calculates summer and winter property tax based on the determined property value and the Headlee millage reduction, homestead exemptions and other applicable laws and policies.  Generates semi-annual tax warrants.

  • Maintains assessment rolls for the City, Downtown Development Authority, SMCAS and other taxing authorities in compliance with applicable laws and policies.  Maintains related property records and revises descriptions as needed to keep property file up to date.

  • Conducts March, July and December Board of Review and represents the City in appeals to the Board, Tax Tribunal and other agencies.  Adjusts the tax roll as required by the Board of Review and Tax Tribunal.

  • Coordinates City assessment activities with Berrien and Cass Counties and the State.  Ensures that required correspondence and documentation are submitted to appropriate agencies.

  • Analyzes property sales within the City to determine current property values and adjusts individual property valuations to reflect market changes.

  • Implements regulations relating to assessment practices including Proposal A and the Headlee Amendment.  Maintains records of property transfers and principal residence exemptions (PRE) and incorporates changes into the tax rolls.

  • Assists in determining property values and the need for adjustments concerning property sales within the City.

  • Assists citizens, real estate interests, municipal professionals and other government agencies with researching and understanding assessment policies, procedures and records.

  • Keeps abreast of changes in tax law and other regulations and policies through continued education and professional growth.  Attends conferences, workshops and seminars as appropriate.

  • Performs related work as required.

Property Tax Forms

If you would like to download property tax forms such as principal residence exemption (PRE) or property transfer affidavits, you can do so at the Michigan Department of Treasury website.  If you would like to know how to read your property assessment notice, click here.

It's the Busy Season!

It's the busy season for home sales and land contracts.  You need to make sure these forms are filled out and turned into our office.  Land contracts do not have to be registered with the county, but if you do not notify our office or register the land contract, the uncapping of the SEV is retroactive to the start date of the land contract back to 1995.  Also, you will lose the principal residence exemption (PRE) and it can only be fixed for the current year and one year prior.  If you fail to fill out the forms, you could be thought of as a rental unit.  For regular home sales through a realtor or title office, they will fill out the forms for you 90% of the time.

For More Information Contact:

Edward VanderVries MMAO IV, PPE
City Assessor
1225 Holiday Lane
Portage, MI 49024
269-683-4700 x1010

Nick Siegel
Deputy Assessor
City Hall 1st Floor Office on Tuesday & Thursday
269-683-4700 x1010