City of Niles 3rd Street Village

Located just south of the Downtown Historic District, the 3rd Street Village neighborhood provides a transition between established neighborhoods and the central business district while serving as the northern point of access to Riverfront Park.


Redevelopment and Revitalization

Identified as a redevelopment site by the City of Niles Master Plan, redevelopment of this site will add to the overall revitalization of the city by reducing blight, providing improved housing, and bolstering the aesthetic and economic value of the 3rd Street corridor, located between the intersections of Cedar St and Superior St.


Click here to read the entire 3rd Street Village plan.

To learn more about redevelopment or read the Master Plan, please visit the Community Development Department’s homepage.

Repairing Your Home

The unavoidable process of aging often adversely affects individual homes and the vitality of neighborhoods and the entire City. In addition to redevelopment, consistent reinvestment of capital and labor is needed to preserve housing, neighborhood quality, and the safety, health and general welfare of City residents. In spring of 2024, we are partnering with the Edwin and Irma Hunter Foundation and the Michigan Gateway Community Foundation to provide free repairs to eligible households on 3rd Street.

The Niles 3rd Street Home Repair Program focuses on homes on 3rd Street between the intersections of Cedar Street and Superior Street. Home repairs and improvements will increase individual property value and improve the look and safety of the neighborhood. This program is a crucial step to create safer homes in Niles and is part of a larger plan to make our region livelier and more prosperous.

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Who is eligible:
If you own a home on 3rd Street, between the intersections of Cedar Street and Superior Street, you can be part of this program!

To learn more about the program and how to apply, please read our FACT SHEET.

To apply for repairs, fill out this form.