Historic Garden City, Garden Clubs

Before the City of Niles was called the City of Four Flags it was known as The Garden City. Niles was a central hub for several railroad companies and the name came about because of the admiration of the hundreds of thousands of visitors whose first glimpse of our city was the magnificent and beautiful gardens at our train depot.


Over the decades many of our residents have taken their love for gardening and landscaping beyond their own home yards and set out to keep the spirit of the Garden City alive. These organizations, comprised of hard-working and dedicated men and women, have been involved in everything from beautifying our downtown each spring to decorating City Hall and the historic Amtrak Train Depot for the winter holiday season. Because of their volunteer efforts, the legacy of The Garden City still lives, and Niles is more beautiful than ever. We invite you to click a picture below to learn more about the men and women who inspire and encourage us to enjoy the beauty of this great city. 

The Four Flags Garden Club
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The Niles Garden Club
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Fernwood Botanical Gardens and Nature Preserve

After site-seeing in Niles, visit our area's famous Fernwood Botanical Gardens and Nature Preserve