Press Release
City of Niles Urges Customers to Stay Vigilant Against Scam Tactics
NILES, March 31, 2023 – For Immediate Release

The City of Niles Utilities Department has been made aware of scam phone calls that have been circulating the area.  These phone calls urge the resident to send in hundreds of dollars by way of a barcode or payment center under the guise of avoiding utility shut off.  While these calls are completely erroneous, the City of Niles would like to remind residents to always be skeptical when receiving these calls. 

Here are a few tips to spot a scammer and avoid any negative repercussions:

  • If you receive a phone call that you feel is a scam, advise the caller that you will be contacting the City of Niles. Instead of calling a number they provide, call the City of Niles Utilities Department at 269-683-4700 to verify the validity of the previous phone call. 
  • Any City of Niles Utility Employee scheduled to perform maintenance work on a meter, utility pole, etc. will possess an I.D. badge to verify their name and title. Our City of Niles logo will also be present on this badge. 
  • NEVER disclose your social security number or banking information without first verifying the validity of the phone call.
  • When making utility payments, be sure to use the verified link on our website here. This will ensure that your payment is received in a timely manner and will help avoid third party penalties.  The City of Niles currently contracts with Point & Pay to receive credit card payments.  Any caller who urges a customer to send a payment via barcode, PayPal, Venmo or other online payment center is NOT a City of Niles Utilities Employee. 
  • Trust your gut. If you receive a phone call that seems fishy, hang up and call 269-683-4700.  Our billing and customer service departments are always happy to assist our customers. 

The City of Niles would like to remind residents that we are here to help in any way we can.  Do not hesitate to reach out with questions, comments, or concerns regarding suspected scam calls.