Mayor Nick Shelton was recognized for his hard work and dedication to the Niles Community at the Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber 2022 Business Recognition Breakfast.  Not only were his accomplishments as Mayor taken into consideration for this prestigious award, but also his familial accomplishments at Shelton's Farm Market.  Mayor Shelton is a 4th generation fruit peddler at the local market.  

During his acceptance speech, Mayor Shelton touched on the positive, good nature of Niles residents in their resilience in the face of adversity.   “My proudest moments as mayor revolve around the way our community rallies and bounces back from adversity, including a tornado in 2017, flood in 2018, polar vortex in 2019, and the pandemic 2020-now.  We care for one another. We take care of each other. We have each other’s backs, and I am so proud of that," said Mayor Shelton. 

To read more about this story, visit the Niles Daily Star article here.   

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