Law Enforcement agencies across the country are issuing the same request - If You See Something, Say Something!  Specifically, inform law enforcement officials if you see something that looks suspicious, out of the ordinary or you suspect a crime has taken place or if it seems that something in our community just doesn't seem right.   The Niles City Police Department wants to know about it.   We'll investigate to verify criminal activity.

First, Always Remember - If you have an emergency or see an emergency situation, such as a crime in progress -  please dial 911 for an immediate response from our police officers.

Police Captain Kevin Kosten reminds our community to use the Niles Police Department's online or mobile phone procedures to Submit a Tip to report what may be considered non-emergency situations.  Again, if there is an immediate need for help, please dial 911.   But, if you observe illegal or suspicious activity, or something that just doesn't seem right,  - - an investigation by a police officer might be warranted.  Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

You can submit an anonymous  tip via your cell phone using the Soft Tip App, which is free to download.  This app also allows you to attach a picture to your anonymous tip.  You can also submit an anonymous  tip online using our Crime Reports'  Submit a Tip system.   Review now how you can submit an anonymous tip if it is ever necessary.  Download the free Soft Tip App for your mobile phone so that you are prepared if ever you need to report suspicious or criminal activity.  You remain completely anonymous, identified only by a code number.  No one will ever know who you are.  

Visit the Niles Police Department's Report a Crime/Submit a Tip page to learn more.