The Niles Parks Board has been very busy planning new activities for you to enjoy in our area parks.  In addition to handling the "here and now", they are always planning for the future.  The Niles Parks Board asks that you complete a short survey to tell them how well they are doing and if there are dificiencies they should consider improving.  One of the ways they use to get your opinions is data that is received through the surveys they ask us to complete every five years..

The five-year survey of our parks not only tells the board what they are doing right, but also gives the board more insight into what our residents and visitors really want in our parks system and what areas in our system we can approve upon.  We ask that every citizen that can, please complete the Parks & Recreation SurveyYour voice counts.  Thank you!!

And please, visit our Parks & Recreation page to learn more about your parks and the Niles Parks & Recreation Plan.