Please Note: Pertinent documents & a tentative schedule found below.
Also Note:  On Monday, December 11, 2017 at 6pm at the Niles Fire Station in Council Chambers, the City Council will review and may consider issuance of provisional medical marihuana operating license applications.  You are encouraged to attend.  Letters may be sent out to RFP respondents on or after December 12th regarding the issuance, should Council approve any provisional licenses.

The Niles City Council met on Monday, October 23rd in City Council Chambers, located inside the Niles Fire Station at 1345 E. Main Street.  As is required, a First Reading and Introduction of the proposed Medical Marijuana Opt-in Ordinance took place.  A First Reading and Introduction simply means that the City Attorney, on behalf of the City Council, made an announcement of the proposed ordinance by giving a brief description of the intent of the ordinance.  No vote is taken during a First Reading and Introduction.  

At the following City Council meeting on November 13th  the proposed Medical Marijuana Opt-in Ordinance will have a Second Reading and Enactment.  At that time the members of the City Council will take a vote to enact the ordinance.  When ordinances are approved or "enacted" they become a law that is effective, normally, 20 or 30 days after enactment with no further deliberations.

The amendment to the Zoning Ordinance, which will approve the locations of medical marihuana facilities, is scheduled for a First Reading and Introduction also on November 13th.  If accepted, a Second Reading and Enactment may take place at the November 27th meeting.  See the tentative schedule listed at the end of this story.

The City of Niles has drafted a tentative consideration schedule for opting in to the State’s expanded Medical Marihuana program. Please feel free to join us for any/all of these meetings. Public comment occurs during the beginning of each meeting at 6pm.  Once the Citizen Participation section is closed the public comment session has ended.  At that time the city council will proceed to the items on the current agenda.

All meetings take place at the City Council Chambers located at 1345 E Main St. Niles, MI  49120.  The City Council meetings begin at 6:00pm and the Planning Commission meetings begin at 5:30pm; however, the Planning Commission will hold public hearing regarding zoning of medical marihuana facilities at 5:00 pm on November 9th. 

If you are an entity considering a Medical Marihuana Provisioning Center please note that the City is considering issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the two (2) proposed licenses. The details of that RFP are forthcoming.  Please email the Community Development Director with the words “RFP-Provisioning Center” in the Subject line should you wish to receive this RFP upon issue.   

  • Oct 23 - Council - General Ordinance (First Reading of General Ordinance)
  • October 25 - Planning Commission Consideration of Zoning Amendment & Scheduling of Public Hearing
  • November 9 - Planning Commission - Public Hearing (SPECIAL MEETING)
  • November 13 - Council - General Ordinance (Second Reading & Consideration of Enactment of General Ordinance)
  • November 13- Council - (First Reading of Zoning Ordinance Amendment)
  • November 27- Council- (Second Reading of Zoning Ordinance Amendment & Consideration of Enactment of Amendment)

 If you have questions regarding the proposed Medical Marijuana Opt-in Ordinance or proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendment contact City Administrator Richard Huff by email.

Medical Marihuana Opt-in Ordinance
Medical Marihuana Zoning Ordinance
Medical Marihuana Zoning Map

Request for Proposals for Medical Marihuana Vendors
Addendum 1 to RFP for Medical Marihuana Vendors
Addendum 2 to RFP for Medical Marihuana Vendors 
Addendum 3 to RFP for Medical Marihuana Vendors
An Ordinance to Amend a Portion of the Opt In Ordinance #481

Special Land Use Application
Site Plan Review Checklist

Medical Marihuana Community Presentation
Medical Marihuana Community Public Forum Results

State of Michigan Medical Marihuana Law

Medical Marihuana Public Act 281
Medical Marihuana Public Act 282
Medical Marihuana Public Act 283