City Administrator

Ric HuffThe City Administrator is administrative head of the city government. The City Administrator is appointed by the Council to supervise the administrative affairs of the City and to carry out the policies made by the Council.

The City Administrator is the Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Niles and works under the direction of the Niles City Council and the mayor.  The City Administrator oversees a budget of more than $6 million per year in addition to managing the day-to-day operations of the city.  He is also responsible for overseeing the management of the City's seven departments, more than 20 divisions, 110 employees and a multitude of facilities.

Richard A. Huff became city administrator in October 2011 after serving more than 25 years as a Niles City Police officer and 10 years as the Police Chief.  In addition to his extensive law enforcement credentials, he holds a Business Management degree.  He is the father of one.

City Clerk

City Clerk Linda Casperson serves as the Clerk of the Council and is responsible for maintaining all Council records and proceedings and the records of various city departments. The Clerk has the responsibility of certifying the ordinances and resolutions of the City.

"In 1989, I began my career working for the City of Niles as the Administrative Assistant to the city administrator and also as the Deputy Clerk for six years.  I was then presented with an opportunity to become the City Clerk for the City of Buchanan.  The Township of Niles later offered me an opportunity to broaden my skills as deputy clerk, assist in the collection of taxes, process building permits and be recording secretary for the Planning and Zoning Committees. My admiration for conducting elections led me to become the Election Administrator for Berrien County, a position which I found most challenging and rewarding. 

I have been fortunate to work for the surrounding communities and still maintain strong ties.  My diverse experience has given me an upper edge in being able to serve citizens of the community. I’m happy to be back home at the City of Niles and truly enjoy my endeavors as its City Clerk."

City Attorney
Robert Landgraf
The City Attorney provides all the legal services for the City. The City Attorney is called upon to advise the Council, the City Administrator, and all department heads and offices of the City on matters and procedures that must be in conformity with the law.
Robert L. Landgraf, Jr. was hired as the City Attorney in 1991.  Robert's law firm, The Law Office of Attorney Robert Landgraf, Jr., is located at 19 S. Third St.

Robert graduated from the University of Notre Dame Law School in 1973.