There is currently at least one board position open on the City boards or committees shown in red.  Complete a standard board application.  For more information on how Boards & Commissions operate, review the Boards & Commissions Handbook.  

For more information or if you have questions, contact at 683-4700 ext. 3030.  Already on a board?  You can find the reappointment questionnaire here.  

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Board of Public Utilities

Membership: Five Persons
Requirements: None
Term: Four Years
Meetings: Third Monday of month, 5:00 pm, City Hall
Appointment/Election: Appointed by majority vote of the City Council.
Responsibilities: Advise and consult with the City Council, City Administrator and Utilities Manager on all matters concerning electric, water and sewage treatment facilities of the city.

Board of Review
Membership: Three Persons
Requirements: Cannot be an elected or appointed official of the city
Term: Three-year staggered terms
Meetings: March: Tuesday, following the first Monday; July: Tuesday following third Monday, December: Tuesday following second Monday
Appointment/Election: Electors of the city
Responsibilities: Review and correct assessment rolls.

Brownfield Redevelopment Authority
Membership:  Five Persons
Requirements:  None 
Term:  Three Years
Meetings: As required at Niles City Hall, 333 N Second St.
Appointment/Election: Appointed by the Mayor with consent and approval of the City Council
Responsibilities: The authority is organized to operate exclusively for the City of Niles, Michigan pursuant to powers granted by the Brownfield Redevelopment Financing Act, Public Act 381 of 1996, as amended. The board of directors oversee the specifics of redevelopment of brownfield lands.

Building (Construction) Board of Appeals
Membership: Five Persons
Requirements: Must be either a licensed professional engineer, a licensed professional architect, a person who is by occupation a professional or superintendent of building construction with at least 10 years experience, five years of which the member shall have been in charge of actual work.
Term: Two Years
Meetings: On demand
Appointment/Election: Appointed by the Mayor with consent and approval of the City Council
Responsibilities: Hear all appeals relative to the enforcement of the building code, and shall affirm, reverse, or modify appealed decisions

Downtown Development Authority (Main Street DDA)
Membership: Not less than 9 and not more than a 12 person board.
Requirements: Not less than a majority of members shall have an interest in property located downtown.  Not less than 1 member shall be a downtown resident
Term: Four Years
Meetings: 3rd Monday, 6:30 pm DDA office 333 N. Second St. - Third Floor
Appointment/Election: Appointed by the Mayor with approval of City Council
Responsibilities: Correct and prevent deterioration in business districts, encourage historic preservation, authorize purchase and sale of real or personal property, implement development plans, promote economic growth, authorize the levy and collection of taxes, authorize issuance of bonds and authorize use of tax increment financing. Website:

Fort St. Joseph Archaeology Advisory Committee
Membership: Thirteen persons
Requirements: Must have an interest in helping to promote the goals of the FSJAAC
Term: Two Years
Meetings: 3rd Wednesday - Every Other Month Starting in January,  4:00pm at Niles City Hall.
Appointment/Election: Appointed by majority vote of the City Council
Responsibilities: Promote the Ft. St. Joseph Archaeology Site & Advise/Recommend to City Council in regards to archaeological investigation and provide comprehensive, insightful interpretation of the material record and history of the Fort and the people, both native and European, who lived and worked in and at Fort St. Joseph

Historic District Commission
Membership: Seven persons
Requirements: Must reside in the city. Two members must be recommended by a duly organized Historical Preservation Society and one member must be a licensed architect or someone who has knowledge in that field if such person is available. Individuals with a demonstrated interest in historic preservation, a competence in historic preservation and those who have a knowledge of historic preservation are encouraged to apply. Specifically, individuals with backgrounds in architecture, history, architectural history, planning, archeology, urban planning, cultural geography, cultural anthropology and other historic related fields are encouraged to apply.
Term: Three Years
Meetings: Third Wednesdays and Upon Special Request at Niles City Hall, 333 N Second St.
Appointment/Election: Appointed by the Mayor with approval of City Council
Responsibilities: Review all plans for work upon or affecting an historic district or district resource or proposed historic district or district resource, and shall have the power to issue or deny a certificate of appropriateness with respect to any such plans before any work is begun.
Visit the Historic District Webpage here to view maps, special requirements, and additional information.  

Parks and Recreation Board
Membership: Five persons
Requirements: Must be registered elector of the city
Term: Four Years
Meetings: Fourth Tuesday, 5:30 pm, Niles City Hall, 333 N Second St.
Appointment/Election: Appointment by a majority of the City Council
Responsibilities: Advise and consult with the City Council, City Administrator and appropriate department heads on all matters concerning public parks owned and/or operated by the city.

Planning Commission
Membership: Nine persons
Requirements: Must hold no other city office except board of appeals. Must represent different occupations or professions
Term: Three Years
Meetings: Fourth Wednesday, 5:30 pm, Niles City Hall. 333 N Second St.
Appointment/Election: Appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council.
Responsibilities: The Commission is responsible for adopting and maintaining the City Master Plan, and advising the City Council on matters relating to the future public and private development of the City. The Commission and Department must annually prepare a Capital Improvements Plan and submit it to City Council for consideration. Council may not amend zoning regulations until it has received a report and recommendation from the Planning Commission.

Public Art Commission
Membership: 5 to 7 Members
Requirements: 2 Members Must be City Resident; Dedication & Interest in the Arts
Term: Two Years
Meetings: 1st Thursday of the Month at 5:30 pm at the Niles District Library.
Appointment/Election: Appointed by the City Council.
Responsibilities: Advise and consult with the Community Development Director on all matters concerning the Art Commission.

Zoning Board of Appeals
Membership: Five persons
Requirements: None
Term: Three Years
Meetings: On demand at Niles City Hall, 333 N  Second St. 
Appointment/Election: Appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council.
Responsibilities: Hear and determine appeals from and review any order, requirement or decision to determination made by the Building Official. Hear and determine special uses and zoning district map boundaries.