City of Niles
Site Plan Review Process for Zoning Permit

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Cost for Site Plan Review: $500.00

Click here to view the City of Niles Site Plan Development and Review Process 

Please  download or email for a City of Niles Site Plan Review Checklist. The Site Plan Review Checklist outlines what will be required when you submit your formal drawings and request for review and zoning approval. Each item on the checklist MUST have a response. If you elect to use NA, you must explain why it is NA.

Please carefully review the following Zoning Ordinance articles/sections:
Zoning Districts: Article 5
Site Plan Review: Article 10
Parking: Article 6
Lighting: Section 311
Landscaping & Buffering: Section 316

When to Submit: In order to get local Planning Commission approval, you will need to have all items submitted by the end of the first week of any given month by 11:00am for it to be considered for approvals at the City of Niles Planning Commission meeting that same month.

Additional Requirements: In order to better help you understand our process and to work out most locally approved issues, the City of Niles requires a Site Plan Submission Meeting within 1 business week of Site Plan submission with our staff who will review the preliminary plan and provide input on requirements. After this meeting, staff will provide your team with necessary and recommended updates. Your architect/engineer will then need to update the plans and/or Site Plan Review Checklist and resubmit it by the 3rd Monday of the month.

Included in the Site Plan Submission Meeting are:

Finally, you will still need building official approvals as well, but that occurs after zoning approvals.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Sanya Vitale, the City’s Zoning Administrator, with any questions.

For the Medical Marihuana Program and its zoning information, please click here.

View the Following Zoning Related Forms: