We seldom think of some of the services we are afforded and provided with in this country and in this city.  We tend to think, this is the way it has to be, but that is not so.  We enjoy the fruits of many people's labor and for the most part we seldom think of what has to happen in order for us to partake of our community's many advantages.  

The Niles Wastewater Treatment Plant is one of those facilities that we seldom think about, (indeed most people don't want to think about it), but it is an integral part of this city's service systems that are maintained for the benefit of its citizens.  Because this system is maintained so well and operates so efficiently we seldom have a reason to examine it.

The Niles Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is a division of the Niles Utilities Department.  You may recall that this department handles water, wastewater and electrical functions for the city.  The WWTP is at the end of the line of our sanitary sewer system.  it processes wastewater for not only the City of Niles, but also for portions of Howard, Niles, Bertrand and Milton Townships.

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Wastewater Rates (effective October 1, 2018)7 documents

  • RATE 12517-Sewage-Special Sewer Flat Rate for 1404 W Chicago Road (effective - 100118).pdf
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  • Rate 12921-Sewage-Howard Twp Flat Rates & 12721, 12722 (effective 100118).pdf
    document _recordid 710
  • RATE41UP-Sewage-Township (effective 100118).pdf
    document _recordid 711
  • RATE49-Sewage-NilesTwp (effective 100118).pdf
    document _recordid 712
  • RATE59UP-Sewage-NilesTwp (effective 100118).pdf
    document _recordid 713
  • RATE85-Sewage-HowardTwp (effective 100118).pdf
    document _recordid 714
  • RATE90-Sewage-BertrandTwp (effective 100118).pdf
    document _recordid 715