IN-MI River Valley Trail

Information provided by Southwest Michigan Planning Commission.

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We have great news! Both the Niles Township proposal for Phase II to connect Brandywine Creek Nature Park to the Niles City trail at Fort Street and the City of Niles proposal for a trailhead at the Lakeland Health campus were funded by the MDNR Natural Resources Trust Fund. 


The Indiana-Michigan River Valley Trail partners are working to create a 34-mile trail connecting Niles, MI to Mishawaka, IN.  The completed trail would be used by commuters, students, families and tourists.  The trail would connect people to:

  • 4 universities and several schools
  • 4 downtowns (Niles, Roseland, South Bend and Mishawaka)
  • 16 parks and 2 YMCAs
  • 5 hospitals or major medical facilities
  • Several historical and cultural attractions
  • Businesses offering eating, lodging and shopping

-Click on the map below to see the trail overview (existing and planned route)  The Indiana Michigan River Valley Trail overview link is here.

-View the proposed northern route of the Indiana Michigan River Valley Trail from Niles to Berrien Springs view the map here!

-Only a few segments are needed to complete the 34-mile trail system!  Go to Google Maps - Bicycling for a detailed map of existing trails.

For a more detailed map of the trail in South Bend area, click here to view or print a PDF map!

Indiana Michigan River Valley Trail Map

 IN MI River Valley Map

 Update on Progress

Constructed since 2008

  • Mishawaka’s 6-mile downtown trail loop along the St. Joseph River
  • The extension of the East Bank Trail through IUSB
  • South Bend’s 2.5 mile Riverside Trail
  • St. Joseph County’s Darden Road Trail
  • New sidewalks along 933 between the East Bank Trail and Roseland Trail
  • 2.25 miles of trail through the city of Niles
  • 1.1 miles of Northside Trails through River Park, connecting the South Bend and Mishawaka trail systems
  • Approximately 4.5 miles of connecting off-road trail around the University of Notre Dame and along SR 23
  • 3.3 miles of Niles Township Trails north from the IN/MI State Line Click here to view the funding sources
  • Mishawaka’s extension of their downtown trails towards Merrifield Park.


Trail Development Overview

A large number of supporters turned out on August 9th, 2014 to cut the ribbon and open a new 3.3 mile section of the Indiana Michigan River Valley Trail. Click here to view the flyer! The new trail section is complete from the Indiana State line to Brandywine creek Nature Park (just north of US 12). The section represents Phase one for Niles Township of the 34-miles trail from Niles, MI to Mishawaka, IN. The Trail will help link communities together, help promote tourism, and provide a great recreation opportunity. Niles Township has just one mile remaining to complete its portion of the trail.   Indiana plans to finish their two remaining gaps in 2017. 


There was a ground breaking ceremony in March 2014

for Niles Charter Township. They will be breaking ground on a 3.3-mile section of the soon to be 34-mile Indiana-Michigan River Valley Trail from Niles, MI to Mishawaka, IN.  Niles Charter Township Phase I will be constructed from the Indiana state line to Brandywine Creek Nature Park (just north of US-12) in 2014. The Niles Township Park Chairman says this 34 mile trail will benefit the community.



In 2010, the City of Niles completed 2.25 miles of trail from Plym Park to 3rd/Fort Street. In 2014, the City partnered with the County Health Department to install ten fitness stations along the trail.  As you can see from the "Trail Ends" picture, the trail still needs to be completed south of the City of

Niles.  The Niles Township Parks Committee is actively working with City and partners to make this connection. 


In Indiana, the St. Joseph County Parks Department and partners are working to continue the trail from Roseland to the Michigan state line.  St. Joseph County Parks and Michiana Area Council of Governments have conducted a traffic study at Cleveland Road and have found an affordable solution for getting trail users across this busy road.  The connection the Michigan and Indiana trail systems at the state line is now complete.   


Future Planning for the Indiana Michigan River Valley Trail



Several organizations and agencies support the completion of this trail.  IN-MI River Valley Trail Partners   Your organization can consider signing a resolution of support  (PDF or Word).  If your organization would like to have a presentation made about the effort, please contact Marcy Hamilton at 269-925-1137 x 1525 or


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