The City of Niles' Department of Public Works, over the next several years, will be releasing information using this website; informational flyers provided to area schools; press releases through area news media; and other means necessary to educate our citizens on pollution prevention practices related to storm water runoff. Working with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the DPW will help facilitate the education of our citizens on how to prevent the illicit discharge of pollutants into the City’s storm sewer system, which ultimately ends up in the St. Joseph or Dowagiac Rivers.

The City of Niles' Department of Public Works provides both a Stormwater Public Education Plan for the Lower St. Joseph River Watershed and an Illicit Discharge Elimination Plan for the Lower St. Joseph River.  These plans are necessary to ensure that the public is being educated on the importance of protecting our waterways and that the public is aware of what measures are being taken to protect our rivers and to ensure we have clean water well into the future.

The following are specific environmental subjects that all residents should be made aware of in regards to preserving the natural resources of our community.  We ask that you review each of the subjects below to familiarize yourself and others of what can be done to preserve our resources and some things that should not be done because of the hazards that such actions would pose.  Please check this page often for additional information that will be added to this series of important environmental messages.

New Video:  How to Spot and Report Storm Water Pollution